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An awesome miracle is the basis for The Healer Saga, based on author Terri Giles-Exum’s real-life experiences. Built on a rock-solid foundation of faith, Terri’s recovery has transformed her into a mesmerizing author and inspiring speaker.

my name is Terri Giles-Exum, and I am so glad that you are here today! My mama always told me that I never met a stranger. Why should I when everywhere I look there’s a new friend just waiting to be made!

I grew up in a small rural town in Florida where locked doors and barred windows were something we only saw in the movies and neighbors were as much a part of family life as our relatives. Although times have changed over the years, the power of connection is just as important today as it was then, and maybe even more so.

Technology can bring people together from all over the world like never before, and yet it can isolate us from those living under the same roof. It does not have to be that way! With a little effort, we can maintain our long distant relationships without compromising those closest to us. After all, when we are gone, the only part of us that remains is the imprint we’ve left upon those around us.


God bless, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


The Inspiration

The Healing of Terri Giles-Exum

Have you ever experienced something so profound that it rocks your entire world?  After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in 2002, my future was very much in question.  The lessons I learned changed my perspective, enabling me to find the true path to healing.

Video: I Was Divinely Healed of R.A.

A Medical Marvel

 I have been off all arthritis medication since December 31, 2013. The only prescription therapy I currently use is a hormone replacement cream. Other than that, food is my medicine. I maintain a daily regimen of exercise, a diet consisting of anti-inflammatory foods, and quiet prayer by meditating on the Spirit of Jesus that resides within. Miraculous things happen when we place ourselves in the hands of The Great Healer and allow Him to restore us.

The Novels

The Healer Saga

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to embark on a spiritual journey so profound, that it changes the rest of your life? That is exactly what happens to Jason.

Let the adventure begin!

 The Healer: The Gift of Suffering

The first book of The Healer Saga: The Gift of Suffering, is a story of faith, perseverance, and hope. Jason is an unusual young man in many ways. He struggles with dyslexia and a severe stutter, which earns him the dubious title of learning disabled (LD), just another way of saying Loser Dude. He also has the unique ability to decipher vibrations from a person’s body to reveal the mystery of what ails them. Maybe that’s why he can also see beings from the other side.

At the tender age of fourteen, Jason’s fragile faith in God is shattered when he tragically loses his father. His young life takes a dangerous turn after he discovers what really happened to his father and who is responsible for his death. Descending into an extraordinary spiritual journey, he is taken to a place filled with intrigue and wonder. It is there he discovers the deepest of ancient secrets, and how the gift of suffering comes to all who wish to achieve true greatness.

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 The Healer: Wings of Redemption

In this powerful sequel to The Healer Saga, Wings of Redemption follows Jason and his companions as their faith is put to the test after nearly losing one of their own. They must overcome their fears as they confront what lies just beyond the physical world. Come along as they see the great and mighty ways of God revealed in the most delicate and fragile of His creations. Witness as the characters place their hope on the wings of the redeeming power of forgiveness, and find themselves transported to a future they never dreamed possible.

Watch as hopelessly broken strands of faith and love are woven together again by the almighty hands of Jesus Christ. Walk beside them as they discover the true source of strength that binds us, and realize that any Goliath can be conquered if God is among us.

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    About the author

    Meet Terri Giles-Exum

    Born in 1962, Terri Giles-Exum joined a large extended family in Tampa, Florida. Along with her sisters and cousins, she grew up on a large plot of land acquired by her maternal grandparents. They rode horses, camped and fished nearly year round. Terri was born with a passion for writing. Early on, she turned blank pages into poetry, short stories, and mystery novels.

    Marrying a military man at an early age, Terri followed him around the country. They had two children and eventually settled in Augusta, Georgia. It was here she began her work with special needs children. The resulting experiences inspired The Healer Saga, a work of spiritual/historical fiction, which includes The Gift of Suffering and Wings of Redemption.

    In 2002, Terri was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an autoimmune condition that plagued her maternal grandfather. Due to the destructive nature of RA, the mechanics of typing became very painful, but “the desire to finish these books was so powerful, nothing short of death would stop me,” she said. After experiencing numerous side effects caused by powerful prescription drugs, she visited a holistic doctor and discovered the true path of healing. During the writing of The Healer Saga, her life was physically and spiritually transformed. Without the use of medication, she sent the RA into remission and has been drug-free since December 31, 2013. She attributes her restoration to the mighty power of Jesus Christ, who guided her back to health.

    Currently, Terri resides with her family in Augusta, Georgia, and continues her work with special needs children.